Sips ‘n Soda for Appleton

︎︎︎ Book design

For Sips 'n Soda, we designed a cocktail batch bible for bartenders. On the one hand, the goal was to make Appleton Estate Rum thè rum for cocktails. On the other hand, it was also a help for the hospitality industry, they missed a guide making cocktails in a constant and profitable way. 

Photographs of beautifully drizzled cocktails are accompanied by the Sips 'n Soda recipes. In addition, the Appleton story can be found in this batch bible. As a unique extra, Sips 'n Soda shares its tips on the final touch and handy do's and don'ts when you get started mixing cocktails.

In terms of finishing, we chose a sturdy paper: water-resistant paper which is useful when used behind the bar. The pure wood cover links to the barrels in which rum is stored.

Thomas, Sips 'n Soda:

'The design helped us to increase the collaboration with our client and Appleton Estate was able to expand its impact on the hospitality industry.

Result was beautiful!'

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