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As part of the 'Liberty Party Shop' exhibition at KRIEG (non-profit contemporary art exhibition space at PXL-MAD School of Arts), a monographic publication on the work of Nevan Lahart was compiled and published. This was in collaboration with the gallery 'Kevin Kavanagh' in Dublin, Ireland.

The publication is intended as a reference work to accompany the exhibition. Therefore, it contains several sections. First, a text in the form of a script, the articulation of the work of Nevan Lahart. This also includes images of earlier work that had a link to the script. A large part of the publication already contains the paintings from the "Liberty Party Shop" exhibition. Finally, the publication also contains several other short texts that relate to previously published work. The difficulty in designing this publication was that all the different parts had to form a coherent and continuous publication.

Following this varied content, I made the following graphic design choices:

The script ran between different players and also contained additional notes from the so-called author. To make a clear distinction between these, I chose to put the notes in a serif font. This is in contrast to the play which I put in a sans serif font. In addition, the extra notes had to look like they were randomly added. I translated this graphically by placing the text boxes at an angle.

The paintings in the exhibition were each given adequate space on a page or spread. Only the page number refers to the accompanying index where titles and specifications of the works can be found.

Nevan Lahart's earlier works are placed as a kind of "band" running from top to bottom. The bleeding of the images from the page reinforces the concept. It almost seems like a movie playing by. These works are accompanied by a number which refers to the corresponding index.

Three more short texts were included in the publication which are not related to the exhibition in KRIEG, but which do relate to earlier work by Nevan Lahart. I put these texts in a larger font size to indicate that these texts are their own section. A number was also placed here to refer to a specific work earlier in the publication.  

The choice of paper (Munken Lynx, 150g) is based on the color of the canvases the artist originally painted on. In this way, the printed version of the works comes closest to the original works.

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