In this fast paced, digital world I still believe in the power of books and printed publications. Those objects make time stop! Your audience will always take time to look through your book, to be taken into the story of your company or organization.

Not only through what is written, but because of all the conceptual design choices that are made completely in line with your vision. Design choices in typography, paper, binding methods, printing methods, images,..… will make a big difference in telling your story from a-z.

Your eye-catching publication will definitely get a prominent place in the office or living room of your audience and (potential) customer. That’s what we go for!

We’re not designing what already exists, but we’re designing in a tactile way with a lot of experiment and attention.

You are the expert of the strategic side of the company or organization. As a graphic designer, I’m the person who creates order in a maze of possibilities… to arrive at a result that will bring you more credibility.

View our portfolio on this page. Behind each project you’ll find more specific background information.

I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.
Lindon Leader

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