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This self-initiated project started from my interest in clothing brands and the corresponding graphic identity. I started looking for differences between very diverse clothing brands from all segments. I did this by pulling all the garments out of the context of the brand. This way the feeling you get with a certain brand is absent and only the garment itself remains.

The catalog consists of images of various garments with a number which refers to lists in the back. By showing outfits, the catalog seems to be a catalog of a fashion brand, but it is not. This becomes clear by browsing further in the catalog and then seeing the comparative lists of prices and materials.

The lists show how much the garments differ in price from one another. Sometimes it is clear where this is due, namely the difference in materials used. It is clear that a garment in acrylic is cheaper than a garment in alpaca wool.

What is interesting to see is that some ready-to-wear brands try to use the same materials as high end fashion labels, and consequently manage to offer this cheaper. The question then is: where does the difference lie? Is the quality and fit of "high end" perhaps better? Is there perhaps no difference and we pay for the label? Does this indicate the value of a strong brand identity?

The structure is built in such a way that the viewer is first put on the wrong thinking track. In fact, it looks like a regular catalog in that it shows simple sets of clothing. Only later do lists of prices appear and garments from different brands are compared. This gives the reader the feeling that there is more going on than just a traditional catalog.

Typeface: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk. Solid font, not too round, with small imperfections: appropriate to the concept.

The paper I chose for this project is a very fine, sensitive paper of 70 grams. The print-through hints at a large amount of clothing. The separate garments are part of a larger whole, they blend into the crowd.

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