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Since 2017, I have been involved in the non-profit artistic platform KRIEG as a graphic designer. KRIEG gives a stage to contemporary artists and has a reputation for identifying new talent. KRIEG is both a production agency, exhibition space, distribution platform and community resource. Artists are always at the center.

As a designer, I incorporated KRIEG's already existing logo into a completely new identity. This update provided a coherent and identifiable visual identity that fits KRIEG's character as an experimental production agency, exhibition space and distribution platform. This allowed for coherent and effective communication with the public.

Specifically, this is expressed in a set of printed materials for each exhibition. This set consists of an invitation card, poster and venue text. Occasionally I am also involved in the realization of a publication. For this I think along with the concept and I take care of the design of the entire publication. Finally, I also design the advertisement that is published in 'De Witte Raaf'.

Besides print I also make the translation to online. I make sure that there is an appropriate image on the facebook page and in the newsletter.

Alicja, KRIEG wrote this:

“Jedidja is able to communicate ideas through many complementary channels and to build a coherent language of visual forms while allowing some play with the formats she established for herself.

She has a strong expertise in working with printed matter and editorial design. In 2017, she designed the monographic publication on the work of Nevan Lahart. For each exhibition at KRIEG, she has designed a poster, an invitation, and an exhibition text/ brochure — especially in the last case demonstrating adaptability and inventiveness.

Jedidja’s expertise in visual communication helped us find solutions for different design and material problems. She was responsible for every step in the executions of different types of wall texts, labels, and other elements of exhibition design — from the concept through the choice of the right medium and supplier to the execution. For our recent collaboration with Farun Harocki Institut, she combined different materials (plexiglass, vinyl sticker) and dimensions to create a diverse, attractive, and sharp mediation tools in the exhibition space.

Jedidja is reliable and flexible in terms of the time frame of the project and, as necessitated by the fast-paced cultural field, she performs well under pressure.”

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© 2023 | Jedidja Samyn Ontwerpbureau | BE 0695 517 219 | ︎ ︎