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In this groundbreaking edition of the first four books of the New Testament, the viewer is challenged to give new meaning to the ancient words. The contemporary design causes existing connotations to be disrupted and new meanings to be formed.

For example, I have devised a new innovative graphic structure, which creates a different way of navigating. This way leans towards a more digital way of navigating. The significantly large headings allow the reader to analogously "click" through the book.

The textual portion of the book is stripped of all frills and decorations, as befits a solid Protestant work. For example, the text is set in Helvetica, a quasi-religious typeface because it is ubiquitous. No unnecessary graphic interventions have been made; every element on the page has been placed deliberately and for a reason. Even the images in black and white: they were decided by Google based on titles from the text.

Giving meaning to and interpreting biblical texts does not follow a rigidly set pattern of rules. Therefore, in addition to the textual part, there is also a visual part to discover in the book. This consists of collages in which my personal vision of the biblical text comes to the fore. The collages stand in stark contrast to the textual part, they are therefore developed in a totally different way. Where the textual part was very rigidly designed on the basis of rules, my visual interpretation arose more intuitively.

The textual and visual part are always in dialogue with each other. The reader is challenged to give meaning to the Biblical texts themselves.

Some reactions to the book:

"Very interesting angle, never seen it"

"Normally I would never pick up a Bible, but this way it appeals much more."

"Unique to see the interplay between conservative text and contemporary translation."

In 2017, I graduated as a Master of Graphic Design with high honors. After all the positive comments from the master jury, the book has been selected for several awards and exhibitions in Belgium in recent years (Wanatoep Prize, Hasselt, Week van Ontwerpen - Kortrijk, Reciprocity - Liège, Bozar - Brussels, Atypi - Antwerp,...).

Selected for AtypI - Rite de passage EXPO
Antwerp, September 2018

Selected for Reciprocity Design Liège EXPO
Liège, September — November 2018

Selected for 'Next generation, please!' BOZAR EXPO
Brussels, May 2018

Selected for Week van het Ontwerpen EXPO
Kortrijk, October 2017

Nomination for 'de Wanatoeprijs'
Genk, June 2017

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