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The request from Lumosec Lighting was to design a catalog that stands out in the market, and certainly appeals to architects as a target group.

Lumosec Lighting sells a wide variety of products. As a result, both the type of data and the imagery provided vary. It was my job as a graphic designer to bring unity and structure in a catalog. The assortiment of Lumosec contains about 3000 products. It was quite a challenge to structure the catalog in such a way that it is easy to use and does not feel too overwhelming.


Each product line has its own title page in the catalog. After the title page follows an overview page showing all the fixtures within the line. On the right side of each page, a title makes it clear which product line the products belong to. In this structure, I was able to show all the changing visual material and at the same time maintain unity.

For some product lines there was no overview photo or render image. To solve this problem I started working with collages that show the characteristics of each line.

Tables with data were deliberately kept as clean as possible. I designed a variable table that adapts to the amount of data (columns and rows).


In the typography great contrasts can be noticed. Titles are placed very much larger than information that is less important. This creates a balanced hierarchy and makes it easy to find and compare products.


As a designer, I did not want to create a logical cover, such as a luminaire on the cover. There are plenty of fixtures to discover in the catalog ;-). I thought a monochrome and mysterious cover was more appropriate in this case. A play of light and dark, because that is the essence what Lumosec's products are about.

The strong presence of the logo on the back and cover, establishes Lumosec as a powerful brand.

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