Hi! I’m Jedidja Samyn. A freelance graphic designer based in Belgium
with a focus on editorial & book design, identity and typography.

Feel free to contact me if you have a question or if you would like to collaborate.

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− Beeldend Woord vs. Woordend beeld

Selected for Wanatoeprijs 2017
Selected for Week van het Ontwerpen 2017

Selected for Reciprocity Design Liège
Cover image selected for Next generation, please!
Bozar, Brussels.

As a believer in 2017, I have a strong affinity with the Bible but I am also a contemporary graphic designer. We live in a world with an abundance of images in the greatest possible sense of the word. But how is the relationship between Word and image in a biblical context? I investigated this relationship and developed a contemporary image language in which the Word of God took a central place. On the one hand typographic, on the other hand, visual.

− Reader design

Olympian - Helvetica
Schleiper Croquis, 95g Paper
Canson, 160g

Reader design of the first episode of Downton Abbey. The strong division between upstairs (The Family) and downstairs (the servants) is strongly present in the series. I chose to set all the conversations which were held upstairs at the top of the page and al the conversations downstairs at the bottom of the page. The next difference between upstairs and downstairs is shown in the choice of type. All the people from upstairs got the very chic serif Olympian, the people from downstairs were set in the neutral, inconspicuous Helvetica. The binding is divided by four parts, two are sewn with a copper thread (chic-Upstairs), the two others are sewn with a black thread (neutral-downstairs).

− Catalog design

Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk
Canson Marker Paper, 70g
Singer stitch

About fashion. Do we pay for the label? Do we pay for the material? What do we pay for the fabrication? What are the differences between brands in pricing and quality? At first sight it looks like a normal catalog from a fashion label. Later it starts to ask questions, are there differences in the appearance of the same looking clothes from different brands? Or not? The catalog doesn't provide a clear answer, but wants to encourage the viewer to think about this subject.

− K R I E G

Set of identity materials for Krieg. Krieg is a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art, it exhibits promising artists with an experimental approach.

− K R I E G

Munken Lynx, 150g
Monographic publication for the Irish artist Nevan Lahart. Published by KRIEG, in collaboration with Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin.

− Typo/image system for biblical text

Typographic Image-system for Biblical text. Research of ways to interpretate Biblical text visually. The written Word had to be really important because this is the base of my personal faith and christianity in general. The text determines the image trough a typographic image-system. This system contents little symbols which each stand for a letter. It flows together and creates an overal image. Different posters where glued to the wall to create a bible verse wall.

− TovLed

Photography of the new product from TovLed*. This lamp asked for a raw and industrial location. The serie also contains some photos of the lamps operative in a church. With the already existing logo I designed some cards to promote the product. (*only pictures on location)

− Editorial design

Neutra text - Folio
Cyclus, 95g

Design of a cultural identity for a non-existing art festival ("The City Of Tomorrow"). Started with a series of 24 pictures leading to a graphic interpretation from those pictures, ending with an identity for an art festival. 

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